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Get a FREE football kit for your whole squad just by collecting 500 old CDs and DVDs.

Kick off your season with a brand new football kit for your whole squad. Simply collect 500 CD albums or DVDs and turn them into a brand new, numbered and individually sized kit for up to 16 players. Five-a-side teams can also take part by collecting 250 CDs or DVDs for 8 new player uniforms.

This campaign is completely FREE to take part in and is a great way to get your team and local community working together.

            Simply register your details with us, and we’ll send you all the information you need to get started plus boxes to pack the CDs and DVDs that you collect. Once you’ve reached your target, give us a call and we’ll organise a FREE courier to pick up your boxes on a day that suits you.

Get your team, family and friends collecting today – the more people you have taking part the quicker you’ll reach your goal and get your new kit.


Kick off. You need to collect 500 CD albums & DVDs for the 16 free kits offer, or 250 CD albums & DVDs for the 8 free kits offer. Encourage family and friends to help you.

Arrange a free collection. Once you have reached your total, call our team on 0870 495 1283. We will arrange for a free courier to pick up your boxes, on a day that is convenient for you.

Box your CDs & DVDs. Pack all your items up in the boxes that we have provided. As you do this, count the number of CDs & the number of DVDs, and write the total for each on the order sticker found on that box. You will need to do this for each box that you pack.

Complete the order form. Please ensure ALL sections of the order form are filled in, then include it in the last box of CD albums & DVDs.

We collect your boxes. Our courier will pick up your boxes - we will check your CD albums & DVDs for you, to make sure they meet our simple acceptance rules.

Get your kits. We despatch your kit within 14 days of accepting your delivery.

  • 16 new football strips
    (15 outfield plus 1 goalkeeper)
  • Shirt, shorts and socks for every player
  • Individually sized and numbered shirts
  • The choice of 1 of 5 football kit designs
  • A personalised club badge

Then show off your new kits to the opposition, beat them 5-0 and go on to win the league (we can’t guarantee the winning part, but at least you’ll look good).